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Vinyl Wrapping

With vinyl wrapping, you are only limited by your own imagination.


By using a range of suppliers we are able to offer customers a vast array of colours and finishes.


Wrapping is an excellent way of updating, refurbishing or completely changing the look of your vehicle.


Popular choices for exteriors include wing mirrors, bonnets, roofs and spoilers.

The favourite colour choices and finishes include matt/glossy black, glossy white and carbon effect.


Think wrapping is just for exteriors? Think again. This versatile product can also be used to freshen up your interior.

Examples such as centre consoles and trims are popular in a range of colours.


Virtually anything can be wrapped from cars, motorbikes to kitchen cupboard doors!


The biggest benefit to vinyl wrapping is the ability to be removed without damage to your vehicle.

This means that you can change your cars look easily and quickly.


Most quality vinyl wraps tend to have a guaranteed 7-10 years depending on manufacturer and material.



Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping


  • Protection from stone chips and abrasions

  • Easily removed with no damage to paintwork

  • Original factory paintwork is preserved

  • Residual value is maintained

  • Cheaper than a complete respray

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