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Light Tinting

Here at AW Tints we offer the service of having your lights tinted whether its the rear or front, side indicators, fog lights or just all of them.

Lights do not need to be removed as they can be done while still in place.


Are tail lights and headlight tints legal in UK?

Our tint is fully road legal with headlight tint laws UK and MOT regulations.


Having your lights tinted helps to protect them from scratches, the outdoor elements and prevents any breakages spilling onto the floor.


If you feel like you should want to change back to the original look then this can be easily removed without any effect on your lights.

Our light tint options we provide are dark and light gloss, chameleon rainbow tint and we can do coloured tint which comes in many colours and is a little different or event PPF.

Skoda Fabia
Dark smoke light tint
chameleon light tints
VW Golf Yellow tint
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